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IsoTanks for Sale


Used – In test good condition

Our pre-owned ISO tank containers come in a variety of specifications including capacity, design, heated and non-heated, insulated and non-insulated. Our ISO tank containers have stainless steel barrel with steel frame. With all used ISO tank containers sold, these would come with current test certificates.


Used and damaged

We offer some damaged ISO tank containers that would be suitable for static storage, some of these have pitting in the barrel, and some have corroded framed or damaged frames. Although these ISO tank containers have damage to the frames, these can be repaired to enable re-certification. Most of these ISO tank containers have been leak tested and hold pressure.

Nominal Capacity: 26000ltr

Barrel is in good condition, frame has corrosion                                             

Nominal Capacity: 24000ltr

Barrel is in good condition, frame has corrosion.

Nominal Capacity: 21000ltr

Has pitting to barrel and corrosion to frame corrosion.  

Nominal Capacity: 24000ltr

Barrel has crack in it approx. 200mm long