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Unit 10/60 Keilor Park Drive
East Keilor, VIC 3033
Fax: 03 9336 4440

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At Direct Logistics, Quality is a way of life
We deliver our very best every day
At Direct Logistics, quality is paramount in everything we do. We are also committed to the ongoing quality of our greatest asset - our people.
People who care about your needs. People who are dedicated to delivering the highest standards at all times. People who are continually striving to improve operations, and create new efficiencies and opportunities.
We strive towards World Best Practice to ensure the highest possible international standards are constantly maintained.
We work to Australian and international standards, always comply with regulatory requirements (legal, safety and environmental) and maintain equipment to the highest standards.
All of our ISO Tanks (Tank Containers) are cleaned, inspected and issued with a Cleaning Certificate after each use.  Our customers can then be assured that the Tank (tank container) they receive shall be fit for loading their cargo.
Prior to any ISO Tank (Tank Container) leaving our depots for lease, we carry out a condition survey both internally and externally. A report is prepared including photos and is filed for future reference. 
Direct Logistics will only provide equipment and/or services that comply with all regulatory requirements (IMO & ACTDG). This applies to both Australian and international dealings, so our customers can be assured that the job is being performed to regulatory standards.
Direct Logistics Expertise
  • The very best people - our greatest asset
  • The most effective Engineering Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Technical, Operational and Sales
  • Extensive Regulatory Knowledge
  • Network of Offices, Agents and Representatives
  • Knowledge of Local requirements Worldwide
  • Development of Customised Solutions
  • Provision of Services to address customer's immediate and long term needs