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Direct Logistics now offer a Secondary Containment Unit for minor spills up to approximately 2900ltrs.

Our Isotanks are built to IMO standard and therefore forms an integral part of containment of chemical products.

We will prepare and inspect our Isotank and the secondary containment unit prior to them departing our depots to ensure the equipment is compliant.


Our Secondary Containment Unit is one solid portable unit requiring no assembly. These can be transported with an Isotank or on its own.

When it’s not possible to construct permanent bunding to Australian Standard on-site due to time-frame of project, location issues and high cost for short period of time, Direct Logistics has the solution.  


What makes Direct Logistics chemical additional containment unit the Ultimate Solution?

Our Secondary Containment Unit is constructed from steel to enable the unit to be placed on any surface, dirt, crush rock hard stand etc. this Secondary Containment Unit construction also ensures the internal liner coating is protected from external damage and its integrity is maintained.


Our Secondary containment unit has an internal Rhino lining (PP1195) which is chemical resistant to a wide range of products, in the event of a minor spill, the unit is also fitted with a 2’’ drain valve. It is the responsibility of the Leese to inspect the containment unit on a daily basis for any spills, the unit must be drained and washed out immediately.


The Isotank and Secondary Containment Unit, would be transported separately and assembled together with twist locks ready for suitable use on-site within minutes.


The versatility of the unit is another reason why it becomes the ultimate solution in spill management. No preparation or assembly required on site, unit is delivered to site and Isotank is placed on the containment unit.